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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

the tina is
very tired
very sore
very drained.
they took my blood 4 times. twice out of the same vein which is now incredibly bruised and swollen. couldnt find another vein, so switched to my other arm and had to draw half way down in the same vein twice. The drink was lemon-lime this time. Flat Sprite. I dont have an answer as to if I am allowed to make my trip or not yet, since I have to get the test results back. If they come back high again, I have to take finger-prick tests every week. So in that case, I wouldnt be allowed to travel. Although, I dont see why I couldnt make an appointment on base in Tampa to go. Im sure it will all be just peachy. Im going though. Doctors orders or not. lol.


hope you feel better and I hope everything is okay....*fingers crossed*
*glares at all the doctors* Meanies. And I agree...You should travel no matter what the idiot doctors say. Very important. If I had the choice I would go. I wanna see my fiance graduate so much...I didn't think I was gonna care, but he seemed so sad in the last letter I got like it hit him that I couldn't make it. Ahhhh! Morning ramble.