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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

My mom just came home and told me about my test. She says that I am fine. So I can eat sweets, just have to watch my weight. She says in her medical opinion, I am fine, but the clinic says that I am borderline. So unless I gain a lot of weight, I should be okay. *BIG SIGH OF RELIEF* I am still going to be able to leave on my vacation!! YEA!! lol. I do need to watch my junk food addictions. They tend to get bad at times. lol. But the good news is, I can still have STRAWBERRY LIMEADES!!! WEEEEE lol


Whats a limeade?
you've never heard of limeades? they're my pregnancy craving.
it's basically sprite with limes in it, and I like to get strawberries in mine. Go to a Sonic. If you have them. And get one. they are so good. And if not, come visit me and I will buy you one. Ok, even if you have sonics, come visit me and I will get you one anyways.

man, I have mad issues today. lol
Oh yeah, Dan I'm uh going to um Utah to go get something called Limeade, yeah be back, um soon.

LoL...Why not?


Hey, Im lonely. I need some company. Im sure if he read my journal and saw how pathetic I am he would understand. ~Heehee~

Of course, I dont think Keith would be too happy if I told him I was running off to somewhere and stuff. But then again, as long as it would be a girl, he would be okay. lol. Just not another guy, dammit. lol
Glad you got good news! I wish I had been so lucky in my pregnancy. Oh well it was a learning experience and I learned to eat much better.
yay!!!! Limeades are the shit!