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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

so I think its about time for my valentine day rant. i think valentines day is worthless. it's a marketing scam for Hallmark and FTD. WHy should one day make you appriciate things more than you would on any normal day? Feb 14, july 23, Oct 16. I could show love on any of these days. I dont need a certain day. I will give snoogins, but that's it. Seriously, what a waste of time and money. You want to show your love? Pick a random day sometime and bring someone flowers or show them you love them. See how that goes.

And you all know my love life (wurd). So Im not single and bitchin'.


I agree...my favorite thing in the world is to get flowers or a card on some random day in april....

but that doesn't stop us from celebrating valentine's day...we love it! but then again- we celebrate every anniversary we have together so maybe we just like to celebrate


any excuse to get luvins/gifts/flowers is good. Everyday should be valentines day :)
hey... this is erycka... we chatted this am on yahoo. anyways, i added ya, so i figured i'd let you know who the hell i am... lol.

anyways, take care <3
i agree. being expected to show your love on valentines days sux. all i get is "what are you doing for me on valentines day?? you better do something or ill be upset. it takes all the fun of being romantic and spontanious. down with valentines day!!! im romantic all by myself year round and being expected to one day....i just cant be sincere when its expected of me.....feels like a chore and everyone knows im lazy. but like a good little bitch...ill think of something to do for my better half.