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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

wow. When Johnny Cash came out with his CD that covered a bunch of songs, (IE Personal Jesus and Hurt) I wasn't impressed. The poor guy is getting up there and they were really monotone. I was so excited when my mom brought home the CD.

Well, this all changed. I saw the video for his cover of Hurt today on MTV2. It was so amazing. It was directed by the same director of A Perfect Drug. The imagry between him younger and him older along side of the song is wonderful. And seeing his wife (I assumed this is who is was) in photos and then watching him singing. It seriously made me cry I was so moved. Im going to check and see if it is on Launch and leave a link. All I have to say is it was wonderful.

Andrea (andycandy) I got your bday card today, thanks! Seems the mail to hawaii doesnt take half as long as the mail to and from Utah. :) And Sara, I got your pics back today, that's why you didnt get them. Email me or message me with your address and we'll figure it out. :)


I have been a fan of Johnny Cash since I was little. I mean, I grew up just listening to country. Anyways, it's like he aged in one year. I saw him on Larry King and I was so sad. That video made me cry! Ack. Thanks for posting, because I hadn't seen it yet. awww..now i'm all depressed.


it's a good match with the song. I was thinking, how in the world could he cover a NIN song, but hey if Rammstein can cover a poppy 80s depeche mode song, anything is possible.


theres something so yummy about trent licking anything. lol. that one and happiness in slavery are my favs.

and vh1 classics is SO much better than mtv2.

I'm glad!

Sorry it was so late! I tried to get it out sooner, really I did. Dammit for only having one car! Glad you had a good birthday.

That song is so sad and listening to the familiar voice of Johnny really brought it home. I'm sending that on to my husband.