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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

so here's the deal with Hawaii. As soon as Keith recieves Eli's birth certificate, he gets the ball rolling. They will cut us tickets from Tampa to hawaii. Keith graduates on the 14th and will be home at the latest on the 15th. We will be leaving Tampa March 29. I know they are moving our things from here (some furniture we're buying from Keith's parents) and hopefully we will know soon about my JUNK in Utah. More than likely, we won't have a computer let alone internet access for some while, but my wonderful friend Andrea (andrea_p has offered to let me borrow her computer once in a while. YAY! As soon as the BC gets in, we get to go for our overseas screenings... yay. Lots of shots... (IE more hep B, tetnus, flu... etc). Im not looking forward to that

Well, I just walked a mile on the treadmill and Im all nasty so Im going to get somewhat cleaned up. Im going to attempt going to the salon today since I havent gotten a ped in like 4 weeks and a manicure in 3. Jacque should be here around 12:45-1, so we'll see how it goeses.


If yours and the bebe's shots are current, you won't need to get anymore. It's not like you are moving to a foreign country! I didn't have to do anything special for my screening at all. The nurse just looked over my medical records, asked me some questions, and signed off on my paperwork.