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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

so they die for their country and all they get is this crap. Think about that before you're so pro-war, huh?


I stole the link and made a post about it. That's BULLSHIT!
I'm not necessarily pro war, however, those numbers are decieving! Using just those numbers provided in the article the solder makes $22,080.00 a year... most of which is tax free (i.e. they get it back at the end of the year). Also, if he/she gets deployed, they get hazardous/combat pay on top of this (granted they loose the food alowance, but combat pay is much higher anyways... something like 500+ a month). Add to that, free medical care and such and its not a bad living.


All I know is once Keith and I leave for Hawaii, sure they will be paying our rent, heat, water and medical, but we're going to be living on about 200 per paycheck. We have to buy diapers, formula, food, and soon enough baby food. I know how much we're making and I just cross my fingers and hope for a way to budget well enough to stay above water. We won't get the frivolous things we would like.

And don't get me started on this email I got (Which I am going to post now that I am thinking about it.) The people in 9/11 and now the Oklahoma city bombing are demanding 4 million dollars for each person with a deceased family member affected by these tradgedies. Have a solider in your life die in combat? You get 800 if you bury them, and 200 a month to the spouse and 50 per dependant. Nice way to repay someone for fighting for your life.


*NOD* I know what you mean.


not gettin grouchy at you. Just annoyed at how unfair they treat someone protecting the country. I don't think most people even notice.


I know :) *HUGS*
my numbers were off, but it's still the same example. Plain and simple, if you're in the miltary and you die, your family is screwed.


*NOD* But thats why military personel get free life insurance :)


They don't. They pay $20 a month for $250,000 worth of coverage that expires when they leave the service.

Re: actually...

Oh really, I got it for free when I was in. Must have changed.

Re: actually...

Yeah. It sucks they make them pay for it now, but they are dropping the premiun to $16.25 on July 1st.
My brother is in the ARMY and he is going through that. They stationed him on base, like 90 minutes away from his family. His wife does not want to pull the kidss out of school and move down there.
He has no place to live down there and they wont let him drive home everynight. So he is paying rent and for a hotel room and he was late several times..like twice...so they are talking about dropping his rank even more.
she barely has enough money to feed herself and the boys..there are four of them..itr is really shitty because she cannot work...what would she do with four boys?
it really sucks.