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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

happy anniversary NIKI (knicole1979 and her husband Jon!!!!!!!

thanks Danielle for the insane amount of 20% off gift cards to Bed Bath and Beyond. Bad news though, there aren't any in Hawaii. So I will spend a few and ship what I buy (YANKEE CANDLES!!!!!!)

So I always wanted an audience to sing to. I was watching my launch video and 1000 Oceans by Tori Amos came on and I started singing it, and Eli watched in facination, smiling and cooing at me. Maybe it's not a million people, but hes a million people plus to me =)



hmmm, maybe you should transfer!! heeehee
you're doing a military transfer right? i'm not sure how the army does it, but when we transferred (navy) they wouldn't ship our candles. just a warning. they sent a civillian company out, and they said no candles, light bulbs, cleaning products, bathroom products (shampoos, shower gels, make up, lotions etc.), jarred or bottled foods etc. cause they said all that stuff could break, or melt or leak and cause damage to ours or other peoples shit. so, you might want to look into it before you go candle crazy. i know i'd hate to leave a buncha candles i paid good money for!!

Same here

Nothing liquid, flammable, or meltable (is that a word?) was packed for us. We ended up with a couple of light bulbs packed inadvertantly, but the really expensive one for our energy saver lamp was discarded and it's costing us nearly $30 to replace it. A cost the military really doesn't cover.
Tina, might I just recommend FedEx or UPS?