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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

No one got the package today, so I have to wait until tomorrow. I did get my Debit card from Wachovia with my real name on it finally. I am soooo bored. I hate it when Ramiah works. She needs to quit and come live with me until we both get sent to Fort Bragg. Then we can yap about our men and do grown up women things like walk in the morning or something. Trade recipes or something. Ha, right. We'll end up living next door to each other and sit online and play pool all day. HEY pryncessbytch WE'RE LOSERS!! ha. Ok, going to play on Ebay now.


I am finding it interesting the amount of "princesses" that have cropped up lately...I too am a princess :) My liscence plate is PRNCSS5
BTW..i found you from babyinga's journal...i am an army fiance who will ultimately end up at ft bragg..my fiance is now in airborne school...


You know, I was going to add you a while ago, but I got all parinoid about it b/c Im a weirdo. I will more than likely be at fort bragg as well. *g* Im sure you can learn about me thru my journal and I wont talk your ear off. :)


oh trust me.. i am about as harmless as a psychotic college student who is forced to take shakespeare.. :)
normally I am pretty damn chipper..but recently I have just been trying to keep to myself...
I am nearing the end of my fiance's training (6 months is a LONG time for us!!) So i am going a little crazy...
well, I didnt want you to be under the impression or get scared of me. lol. Im the one to be worried about. I have a sick sense of humor, and I have been loopy from lack of blood.

I understand the training. Keith has been gone for 2 months now, and we have another 6 to go. I get to see him in 13 days a wake up. Gotta love boot camp grad. In fact, I think that's where I saw your name. You just went to your DF's grad and I was all interested :)
14 and a wake up for me and then we get a GLORIOUS month together :)
My humor is often rather what's the word i am looking for?? oh yes...crude ;) I have no worries about TMI's :)
I also love to chat on AIM...so if you are feeling brave u can IM me (skye381) i am almost ALWAYS on.. ( we have ethernet here at school) and ALWAYS looking for an excuse to get out of reading shakespeare!!
*walk in the morning* ...are you making fun of me! LOL.


Actually no, I really wish I had someone to walk with. I need the motivation and the company!
well, when you get here we can walk together! ;)