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wonderful. so running around last minute to get our overseas screening done, I've had to do alot of things when I just don't have time. I have an appt for an overseas screening next Friday @745 AM. They informed me I need medical records to get this done. Fine, peachy. So I call to get Eli his 2 month (I know, Im a horrible mother) and me a wellness appt. They tell me I need to go register in the MacDill system. OK, fine. So I do this yesterday. It then takes 24 hours to officially get into the system here. I was in this morning. So I called to get us appointments. Earliest available? March 17. So Eli is scheduled no matter what, but Im not. Im going to talk to Ogden Clinic and see what I can do about getting our records. Im also going to try and call the WIC office here to see if they can get Eli in for a checkup and possibly me as well. I need my pills filled, and the base won't do it. WONDERFUL. I don't know how they expect people to move with their spouses when they can't ever get in. One job, ONE thing I have to worry about and Im going insane trying to figure it out. I stress too much, but right now it's down to the wire and I can't handle it. Eli and I have to move with Keith when he goes early April. We can't wait much longer after that. Keith's parents are moving to MI and it's really going to inconvience them if they have to worry about me. Freaking military... lol... sometimes I wonder if it is all it's cut out to be.

And I still havent gotten my Swanky ROCKSTAR hoodie my sister moshtater bought me for my bday. Stupid UPS!! Grrr
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