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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

yacking about my kid....

So he just turned 3 months a few days ago (the 27th). He can now smile big time, fully support his head, roll from his tummy to his back, and actually watches TV. He knows me and my MIL really well by face. He loves strangers. He's a big flirt. He also sleeps through the night (started that a month ago). Bad thing is, he doesnt go to bed until 11-midnight. Sometimes 1. He is horrible when he needs to go to bed. He's got a crappy heatrash too, so hes been runniing around in a diaper. He loves that =)

today he started rice cereal. Its a little early, but with the way he eats, i thought i would at least try it. He loves it so far. He immediatly took to the spoon, and ate about a teaspoon. Good times were had by all... lol.

Looks like Keith and I are buying bus tickets into San Antonio. The amount we can pay for 4 one way tickets is cheaper than one round trip plane ticket. It'll take about 25 hours or so. Im taking effort to get past my bus phobia. We're going to be spending a night in SanAntonio and then going off to Hawaii (Unless things change. Still waiting for the paper orders.). So hopefully, we'll know something soon.


He's a big flirt...

Wonder where he gets that trait!?! ;-)