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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Will & Grace rules. just heard this... lmao

Jack: my fame has just reached a high! Someone on the street just recognized me.
Will: Jack, someone yelling queer out their car window is not recignition.
Jack: Yeah, but you didnt hear how they yelled it!!

I miss gayboys. I don't have any local that I talk to all the time. I have a few, and theyre all in SL. =(

Karen: Im going to plan my weekend around your show, Jackie. Im going to go tonight and laugh and cry. Then tomorrow Im going to get so much Botox that there will be no sign I ever laughed or cried.


*chuckles* Will & Grace is so funny. When I was staying with one of my moms gay guy friends for a month while she was in the Philippines, one of his friends would come over sometimes and we'd have pina coladas and watch the show "Queer As Folk". Good show.
I groove on Will and Grace and Dharma and Greg, I've watched a lot of it since I moved outta my house. And my gay buddy in SLC used to have Queer as Folk night, and lemme tell you, you didn't even TRY and contact him, cause he was havin ALL the gayboys at his apartment. It was a pretty cool party, though, his friends were cool.