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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

good news and bad news:

good news- eli and i both passed our overseas screenings. even without my med records.

bad news- i got on the phone with personel this morning. keith's orders are completely deleted. the only way our overseas screenings are good is if we end up in Germany. Keith is going to be held over after he graduates because there is nothing orderwise yet.

so there goes 100 bucks down the drain that i paid for his bus ticket. and yet ANOTHER month that he will be away from his family. Joy. He had an extra week in BCT, his AIT was overfilled so he had to wait 4 weeks to even start classes, and now he's stuck in TX until god knows when b/c they can't pull their heads out of their butts and make a decision. Am I a little cranky? I think so.


Awe, that really sucks! I feel so bad for you and Eli. Can't they make up their minds? Really! Saying he can come home.. and suddenly.. nope.. not happening. Im starting to hate your army! That's so mean and cruel! Poor Keith too.. he must miss you two so very much! and now he can't come home! *big hugs* if you ever want to bitch just lemme know and I will listen!

f'ing a!

I'm pissed at the Army.

Reason one: They are inconsiderate assholes. The whole bunch of them. And I will include my husband in that.

Reason two: They aren't letting you come to Hawai'i.

I'll be thinking about you, honey.
grrrrrrrr damn them