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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

im crying. i dont know if to be happy or sad right now. I guess it's more relief than anything.

I just checked our AKO.

As of April 7, 2003 we will be at Ft Hood, TX.


wipe those tears!

it's no hawaii, but at least there is no more confusion. and i'm sure you'll meet great people there. every place is an adventure. plus, look at the bright side... the cost of living is hawaii is mad high. i'm sure you guys will be happy wherever you go, because you will have eachother :)
Hi, i saw you on punkarmyfamily and decided to read your journal.
I am not from Ft.Hood, but i live in El Paso, Texas (Fort Bliss) for like..14 years. Granted, thats like 9 hours away..but who cares.
Anyway, i have a very good friend in Ft.Hood. I talk to him nearly everyday. He likes it there. He's lived there a little over a year. From a paper i read not to long ago (i'm the secretary of my boyfriend/fiance/goddess knows what right now battery's FRG) they said Ft.Hood family housing is quite nice, one of the better ones.
Anyhoo, i've decided to add you as my friend. If you want to chit chat, i'm always here :P


sounds good to me. My best friend is actually in Ft Bliss! She just moved there... like a week and a half ago. She's on lj under "pryncessbytch"



Cool, cool. I'll drop her a line :)
You are f'in' kidding me! I'm sorry. The only people that I've known that have been there are infantry, and well, to them it sucked big time. But I'm sure there are some good things to be found there. I really wouldn't know. I've never been to Texas.

{{{{biggest hugs I can give over the internet}}}}

yay yay yay

yay you finally know where youre going...and youll be with your sweetie again, even if the place ends up suckin you will still have each other :)
So now that you know, try to get a ticket out to Dallas to see erikdravn and I.. ;)