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Before you let the world mess up your soul

try to be the girl that you once were...

I'm just a boring example of everybody else
7 February 1982
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Im a DJ on sykoradio.net Fridays 10pm-12 AM. Listen in!

1984, 80's music, a different drum, alice in chains, alphaville, astrology, battle royale, baz luhrman, black eyeliner, bonolulu, bpal, candles, chasing amy, chemlab, christina ricci, christopher walken, coffee, coffee shops, color theory, dark crystal, darvoset, david bowie, david gahan, de/vision, depeche mode, diet coke, donnie darko, drag queens, duran duran, fag hags, fay dogs, ferrets, fishnet stockings, forgiveness, front 242, front line assembly, garbage, gay rights, giovanni ribisi, grateful dead bears, group x, hair extensions, harry potter, hawaii, high end make up, honolulu, humanity, idle hands, industrial, internet, inxs, jay and silent bob, joey lauren adams, john malcovich, johnny the homicidal maniac, kevin smith, kevin smith films, kmfdm, kurt vonnegut, lords of acid, love, mac, mahavatar, martin gore, massive attack, ministry, moulin rouge, music, new wave, nick cave, nightmare before christmas, omgwtfbbq, one, paganism, pete and pete, pigface, polaroid kiss, politics, praga khan, qaf, queer as folk, ren & stimpy, renaissance festival, rocko's modern life, rockst★r energy drinks, rocky horror picture show, salvador dali, sarcasm, savage garden, seabound, sex and the city, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, smashing pumpkins, snake river conspiracy, stabbing westward, stanley kubrick, steve buscemi, stone temple pilots, synth, synthpop, tarot cards, tears for fears, the cure, the gathering, the simpsons, tim burton, tim curry, tool, tori amos, trainspotting, tricky, u2, vast, virgos merlot, vnv nation, wine,